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UConn Student Services

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The Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) has free/low cost resources to make the transition of learning and studying remotely or virtually as smooth as possible. If there are additional resources you need or would like to learn more about the delivery of CSD services to students remotely, please email


SHaW's mental health services has moved to exclusively telehealth (online) or phone platforms for providing services to support students. In order to access services, please call 860-486-4705 to schedule appointments. For additional resources on managing mental healthy during the pandemic please visit SHaW's website.

Drop in Coaching

The Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center) is a resource to elevate the proficiency of students taking quantitative intensive (Q) courses for undergraduate students. The Q center has online tutoring available for the summer and fall semester. Click this link for more information about online Q Center hours and resources.

Drop in Coaching

For the fall 2020 semester the Writing Center (W center) is offering online tutoring, beginning Tuesday, Septemeber 8 the. For more information on how to schedule an appointment, please click here for additional information. You may also contact the W center by email at


Student Technology Support

Technology Support Center

The Technology Support Center is available to assist students with HuskyCT issues during normal hours of operation.

Homer Babbidge Library, Level 1
(860) 486-4357  (hours and location)

Blackboard Support (24/7)

After-hours support for HuskyCT features and tools is available 24/7 from Blackboard Support.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions are covered in our FAQ section. Please review the student FAQ prior to contacting 24/7 support. Also, please note that Blackboard 24/7 Support is limited to HuskyCT features & tools. Support for NetIDs (including passwords), Skybox and other university applications is provided exclusively by the Technology Support Center.

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