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Looking to enhance your academic approach?

Here at the AAC, we understand how difficult it is to manage academic and life responsibilities and we offer multiple programs to support students throughout their college career. Whether you are looking for additional support in Supplemental Instruction courses, to participate in one of our weekly Success Workshops, or meet with an Academic Coach, the AAC is one stop shopping for academic success.

To meet with a coach in our virtual WebEx room, first sign into Nexus using the QR Code below.  Then, click the button to join the WebEx session and meet with a coach immediately!

Fall Virtual Coaching

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Upcoming Workshops

  1. Oct 25 Stress Management4:00pm
  2. Oct 26 Secrets Of Homer Babbidge4:00pm
  3. Oct 27 Test Taking Strategies7:00pm
  4. Oct 28 Evaluating Your Semester4:00pm
  5. Nov 2 Evaluating Your Semester7:00pm
  6. Nov 4 Bouncing Back 3:00pm