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Time Management

Personal Time Survey- An assessment to think about how you divide your time between activities and to evaluate how to manage time better

Weekly Planner- A blank calendar that you can fill out with weekly required responsibilities. Have a coach in the AAC help you find times to study

Hourly Planner- Divide the day into hours to create a more detailed plan

How Well Do You Plan Quiz- Complete this quiz to discover the kind of time management support you may need

Assignment Calculator- A time management tool that outlines the process of researching and writing step by step.

Note Taking

Taking Lecture Notes- Reasons to take lecture notes, how to filter, tips for effective notes, how to dace time, and general hints

Outlines- See the basic structure of an outline as well as an example

Cornell Note Taking- Explains what is Cornell Note Taking and how to take notes using this method

SQ3R A Reading, Study System Instructions- This textbook reading strategy can help you engage and remember textbook reading content.

SQ3R Reading Worksheet- This blank sheet is for you to utilize while you read

Strategies for Deeper Learning

Mind Maps- Especially helpful for visual learners, this study skill helps you see the connections between concepts

Flashcards - Many people use flash cards, but not always effectively. Use these tips to get the most out of your flash cards

What Type of Learner Are You - A short questionnaire that helps you determine if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner

Research Quickstart- Guidance on common questions and needs in the research process.

Exam Preparation

What to Do Before the Test- Tips for how to prepare for a test

What to Do During the Test- Tips for what to do when the exam is in front of you

Learning From Your Exam Performance- The grade on your test, whatever it is, provides great feedback to evaluate your study habits

The Five-Day Study Plan- View instructions and an example to plan in advance, which is the best way to get the grades you want

GPA Calculators

Semester GPA Calculator- This calculator lets you find out your semester GPA depending on your grades in various classes

Cumulative GPA Calculator- This calculator will show you what it will take to graduate with your desired cumulative GPA

Weighted Course Grade Calculator- This website will calculate your weighted grade in a single course by percentage, point, or letter grade value