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What happens during the SI sessions?

Research indicates that students earn higher grades when they work actively with the course material and participate in small groups discussions. Therefore, you should expect the SI sessions to have an informal atmosphere where you and your peers can explore important concepts, review class notes, discuss reading assignments, work practice problems and review effective study skills. These sessions are facilitated by an SI Peer Leader.

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Check back as the semester starts for more information on the Fall 2022 SI Schedule!

How are SI classes selected?

An analysis of “gateway" courses, defined as entry level courses which are requirements for numerous majors, showed a trend of high D, F, W rates ("D" and "F" grades and Withdrawals). These courses usually require large amounts of reading from complex texts, utilize exams that require application and analysis of heavy content, and do not require or record attendance. Many students have difficulty adjusting their current learning strategies to accommodate to this new style of teaching and learning. Large lecture halls and class size often diminishes the opportunity for teacher / student interaction. Supplemental Instruction supports these types of courses.

Example Course Data

Dr. Miller's Psych 1100 first exam data Fall 2016

Class Mean:  39 (C+)

S.I. Mean:  40 (B-)

Class Median:  39 (C+)

S.I. Median:  42 (B).

Are you a faculty member interested in having a SI leader for your class?

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