Nafeiza (FiFi) Gregory

Hello Huskies, my name is Nafeiza Gregory (FiFi) and I’m currently a Junior at UConn Hartford. My major is Biology and my ultimate goal is to be a Nurse Educator in public health. I want to make changes at a broad scale throughout my community and have a wider focus to help people. Something interesting about me is that I work with as a teaching assistant for the Uconn Connects mentor class offered through the AAC. Which is life changing for me since I love educating teens and sharing information so that we can all learn ways to communicate and better ourselves to reach our maximum potential. I believe we should all have the advantage to be aware of the resources available to us in order for us to make safe decisions for our long term goals.  I also enjoy listening to people share their stories because it helps them realize how far they’ve come and where they’re destined to go. It’s amazing how a simple communication skill such as listening is important.

Lastly the reason I decided to join the AAC family as an academic coach is because I had a very challenging  transition from high school to college and the AAC was a great resource that helped me. I’m currently here for two years now and it’s been the best decision I’ve made! I learned so many different techniques academically and holistically that has made me a better student and individual. Being a mentor has helped me realize that it’s okay to admit when help is needed and it shows strength to accept help. I’m excited to share my knowledge and help others reach their potential. Students need to feel secure enough to put their egos aside and share struggles and I want to be there as a support system when they make that choice. Most importantly I want to build and form relationships with students so they can be vulnerable and feel safe to share without fear of being judged. Seeking help is the best decision we as students can make to be successful at a prestigious university as UConn.

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