Jonathan Santana

Hi! My name is Jonathan Santana, I am a junior and currently in the UConn School of Social Work. I am an academic coach at UConn Hartford, and absolutely love what I do here. As a first gen student, I faced first hand struggles that students go through as they are transitioning to college. Working in the AAC has allowed me to develop the skills needed to help others who are going through those same struggles. 

It’s an amazing and unique opportunity to work as a coach at the AAC. Just being able to help a student through their college struggles puts a smile on my face. Working with college students has helped me clarify my career goals and I want to dedicate my life to helping people. My main goal is to provide support to my peers and let them see that they can achieve their goals. It is an honor to work as an academic coach, as it has aided me into solidifying my path towards my future.

Jonathan S.
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