UConn and its schools and colleges coordinate many types of tutoring for students. Some areas of study have dedicated tutoring centers available while others set aside hours for tutoring of all kinds. Read the descriptions of each tutoring option below and click on the links provided to view tutoring locations, schedules, and more.

Benefits of tutoring:

  • Complements existing study habits
  • Provides review of course material
  • Clarifies material learned in class
  • Helps you prepare for tests and assignments
  • Provides support and motivation
Tutoring Centers    Tutoring By Topic
Tutoring Centers focus on a specific topic or discipline and maintain regular hours in a designated area on campus. The Language Center, the Quantitative Learning Center (Q-Center) and the Writing Center are alllocated on level one of the Homer Babbidge Library. Click on a link below to access each Center’s hours and additional information.

Tutoring sessions listed under each topic are provided by the respective department unless otherwise noted as Supplemental Instruction.Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages(First Floor, Homer Babbidge Library)(860 – 486 – 3314).

Spring 2017


ARABIC             4-7 p.m.     Mohammed Kadalah   Oak 216

SPANISH            4-7 p.m.     Annia Bu                               Oak 264


CHINESE           5-7 p.m.     Janet Zheng                          Oak 217

SPANISH           12-3 p.m. M.  Arjonilla-Rodriguez       Oak 219


CHINESE           4-5 p.m.               Janet Zheng                            Oak 217

GERMAN           8:30–10 a.m.      Britta Meredith                      Oak 202       FRENCH            2-5 p.m.               Clemence Lucchini                Oak 264

SPANISH           3-6 p.m.               Annia Bu                                Oak 264


GERMAN           8:30-10 a.m.       Britta Meredith                      Oak 202